Certified Organic Farm

In the Natural Park "River Ofanto"

The Ofanto River Regional Park is a protected natural area established in 2003 by the Puglia region.

Four generations of peasant longevity

Torrente Locone - Azienda Agricola Biologica Certificata
Torrente Locone

This small family-run business includes lands situated in the comune of Canosa, in a natural park called "Parco Naturale dell'Ofanto" along the fertile banks of the Locone torrent; and also in the comune of Andria.
Our olives are grown using an irrigation system on old plants of "Coratina" cultivar originally from this part of Puglia.
The oil, extracted from these olives, has been recognised as D.O.P. " Terra di Bari M.G. Castel del Monte". Specialists with a long experience in the field of olive-growing and olive oil production, take care of all the various stages.
They are coordinated by the agronomist Dr. Vincenzo Lombardi, teacher in agricultural sciences, and his son, alimentary technologist Dr. Giuseppe Lombardi who is responsible in overlooking the various stage of production from the harvesting of the olives to the distribution stage.
In this farm, production of olives is made by biological techniques and every production stage, including the bottling and labelling, is checked by supervisor of "Suolo e Salute", with D.M. MRAAF n' 9697232 del 30112/1996 according to CEE rules nr. 2092/97.
The remaining part of the land is cultivated by te.chniques that reduce the chemical residue in extra virgin olive oil.


Azienda Agricola Torrente Locone
del Dott. Giuseppe Lombardi
Via Massimo d'Azeglio, 33
76123 Andria (BT)
Tel/Fax (39) 0883291440
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